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About Patient Advocate Group
Patient Advocate Group was founded by Kathryn Gohman, a Patient Advocate who formerly worked for large insurance companies as an Underwriter, directly for medical providers & Durable Medical Equipment providers with her own company, filing & coding Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance claims and then as a Patient Advocate. Many years of recovering unpaid bills for providers led her to the conclusion that individuals and families needed this same kind of help and it was no where to be found. Today, Patient Advocate Group combines an experienced staff who work with patients and their families nationwide helping them make the right healthcare choices, resolve Medicare & Commercial insurance issues, negotiate medical bills, review hospital bills for correct coding, take advantage of "Free Prescription Drug" programs, and much more.

Owner: Kathryn Gohman
Phone 972-390-1101
Fax: 973-744-3300

Patient Advocate Group Works With You
Helping People Worldwide Each advocacy request will be different and must be reviewed to see how we can help you. If you will complete the last page questionnaire on this website, we will contact you. You will next be asked to fax or mail us your information. We will review your paperwork and notify you  if we  we can help you. Our fees are determined by the size of the issue, the complexity, how many hours it will take to resolve or locate the healthcare answers, etc.

Patient Advocate Group
Partnering to Maximize Your Healthcare Dollars

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